Hi! I'm Katheryn.

I help people live, work and thrive in Japan through coaching, orientations, and cross-cultural training programs.

“This is a MUST!”

“Katheryn's invaluable practicality and information makes the transition to this fascinating country and culture less challenging.”

-Jess Valentin
Senior HR Advisor & Coach

“Katheryn’s a superstar!”

“I recommend Katheryn to anyone who needs personalized service to help them with any and all aspects of their life in Japan.”

-Christopher Charles
Executive Recruiter

“Helped me tremendously!”

“Working with Katheryn can help many new expats who are blindly navigating their careers and lives in Japan.”

Business Analyst

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The Thrive Accelerator includes a library of resources on how to live in Japan, masterclasses, Q&A sessions, and a community of likeminded people. 



I offer orientation and business culture programs for individuals looking to take their knowledge & life to the next level. 


Corporate Training

I offer orientation, cross-cultural training, and employee wellness programs for organizations looking to support their employees. 


Ready to thrive?

Katheryn Gronauer helps professionals learn how to understand work culture in Japan through executive training and coaching. She is a graduate of Sophia University with a degree in International Business & Culture, a certified ATD Trainer, a ATD Change Management Facilitator, and an IIN health coach.

Katheryn is also a professional writer for JapanToday, Savvy, Women’s Health, HuffPost and more. She has authored the book Confessions of a Yo-yo Dieter on her experience of losing 40 pounds with Western and Eastern health concepts.


"I feel empowered knowing that some of the situations that baffled me before are actually culture-based - it's much easier to solve issues knowing where they come from."

-Magda, Poland
Business Operations Manager

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