August Wrap-Up: The 5 P's

Sep 01, 2022

A friend of mine (Catherine O'Connell) said that she enjoys creating "Monthly Wrap-Ups" where she shares a summary of what's been happening both in her business and her life, so I figured...why not give it a go?

Here are the 5 P's of my August Wrap Up:

1. Philosophical (aka something that was thought-provoking)

You know that one colleague who drives you nuts? How would you act if you really liked the person?

A client was sharing an insight he had that when you are bothered by someone, you tend to be irritated by nearly all of their actions. But when you really like a person, those same actions can easily be forgiven (or even go unnoticed). 

When he started thinking about this one colleague with the question, "What if I really liked this guy? How would I act?" he started noticing qualities about that person that he admires. Regardless of a couple of things that do continue to bother him, he's significantly reduced his stress at work by reframing his thoughts around the actions that don't really matter. 

How could this idea work for you?

2. Personal

I'm a newlywed! My partner and I had never met each other's families until this summer due to Covid keeping us apart. The gathering we had in Palm Beach, Florida was like a Reunion + Meet & Greet + Wedding all in one! 

Other than that, a new thing I tried this summer that I really enjoyed was Paddle Boarding. I heard that there is nice paddle boarding offered at the Tama river in west Tokyo so I'm keen to check that out. 

3. Professional

I opened enrollment for coaching for those who want to start September/this fall. This is for you if you're a) starting a new role and want to maximize your output and success, and/or b) if you are new to living and working in Japan. 

If you are starting in a new role then I like to work with people for a minimum of 6 months to see results from what you are implementing. And if you're new to Japan, I recommend a 12 month program that'll support you through the predictable highs and lows that come with culture shock and transition. 

Here's the link to book a call with me - now's the time to reach out!

4. Public

I organized monthly mixer events at the Tokyo American Club Nihonbashi location. It's been a really great opportunity for people to meet and connect, with an intimate group of up to 20 people and free-flow cocktails. I'm also happy to be co-organizing a women's mixer as well which is an opportunity for professionally-minded women (whether they are working, are an entrepreneur, or are in a transition) to connect! 

If you'd like to join me as a guest to either event in the future, send me a message!

5. Prospective

What's on the horizon in September? Aside from my birthday (woohoo!), I am organizing a dinner meetup for those new to Japan (reach out to me if you want to join!), will be starting with new coachees (book a call with me here), and will head to my second Golf outing experience. The schedule feels light in that there aren't a variety of things happening but hectic in that there is a lot to focus on in coaching. 

Hope you enjoyed the wrap-up and will write another one up in a month!

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