360° Onboarding for your new talent from overseas

You’ve invested so much to get them here – let’s make sure they want to stay 


Did you know ...

the average time a senior-level executive has been in Japan before they've reached out to me for help on workplace culture is ...

3.5 years

So what were they doing in all that time?!

Taking time to assess? Sure.

Trying to figure things out on their own? Definitely.

Making mistakes? Getting frustrated? Reaching the point of booking a flight home?! All too often!

Because when we don’t feel at ease, we just want to pack our bags and get back to what’s familiar – even if that means saying goodbye to an amazing opportunity with your company.

But the truth is, the problems people face in Japan (that make them feel like giving up and going home) are predictable

Which means they're preventable.

I'm here to help them stop those struggles in their tracks – 

with orientation, cross-cultural training, and wellness programs to help your global employees thrive.

Two Tiers of Support Options:

Recurring Onboarding Program for New Hires from Overseas

Design a structure of monthly or quarterly group training sessions and office hour sessions and funnel your new hires in as soon as they sign on, with access to support for months beyond their move. 

Private Onboarding for Executives

Executives who do not have time to attend fixed group training sessions and who have specific needs can benefit from private training and coaching to support their transition.

"The insights from the session have given me more confidence to tell my subordinates and colleagues: 'I don't understand. I am from a different work culture, please help me understand how this works for you.'

I am more equipped to listen to them, see where they are coming from, and try to find the right words for us to move in the same direction. Previously I would just give up on the basis that we definitely don't speak the same language or force my ways on them."

-S, Managing Director

The 3 Key Ingredients of a Successful Onboarding Program

Life in Japan Orientation

Programs are aimed to eliminate the learning curve every foreigner experiences when learning how to live in Japan. Topics include money, transportation, grocery shopping, cleaning supplies, medicines, and more.

Cross-Cultural Training

Participants will learn about 5 different cultural dimensions and 6 different Japanese cultural values to help them understand how people value work differently in Japan so they can work better with colleagues.

Office Hours & Coaching

Giving your employees an opportunity to talk 1:1 with an external consultant helps them feel heard and receive customized support to suit their lifestyle needs or journey through culture shock.

Plus...access to the "Accelerator" Onboarding Platform

The Accelerator is a platform for employees with a library of educational resources on living in Japan. Included is a community forum for like-minded people to connect. New hires can join as soon as their contract is signed to support their transition.


Organizations grow when good people stay.

So let’s work together to help your people feel happy – and your business thrive.

Click below to book a call – we’ll look at sample program agendas, and how we can customize programs to help your new people integrate smoothly.