Onboard your foreign talent

Orientation, cross-cultural training, and wellness programs to help employees at your company thrive


Did you know...?

The average time a person's been in Japan when they've ask me for help on shopping at a grocery store: 

1.5 years

The average time a senior-level executive has been in Japan when they've reached out to me for help on workplace culture:

3.5 years

What had they been doing before reaching out?

Taking time to assess. Trying to figure things out on their own. Making mistakes. Getting frustrated. 

Each person goes through a series of stages of before they reach a place where they're comfortable asking for help.

The problems people face in Japan (that make them feel like giving up and going home) are predictable. Which means they're preventable.

Cross-Cultural Training

Participants will learn about 5 different cultural dimensions and 6 different Japanese cultural values to help them understand how people value work differently in Japan so they can work better with colleagues.

Orientation Programs

Programs are aimed to eliminate the learning curve every foreigner experiences when learning how to live in Japan. Topics include money, transportation, grocery shopping, cleaning supplies, medicines, and more.


Employee Wellness

Programs for Stress Management or Work-Life Balance can be customized to suit the needs of your organization. Standard programs are well-rounded and include a variety of topics that cover mental, emotional, and physical health.

Need training for your organization?

I'm happy to share with you sample program agendas and how we can customize programs to the needs of your participants.