Trivia: What are 4 typical things Japanese people do if they miss the last train home?

Uncategorized Sep 14, 2020


What are 4 typical things a Japanese person might do if he or she misses the last train home?


Since Japan has a strong drinking culture, it is not unusual for people to miss the last train to take them home. But they don’t panic because there are many reasonable options for them to spend the night until the first morning train runs.

Manga kissas (24-hour manga book store) and capsule hotels are cheap and convenient options. They have showers, changing rooms, and your own box to stay in. Many of the manga kissas have all you can drink plans, and you can enjoy reading manga or working on your laptop. It’s also a great place to take a nap since it is pretty quiet.

Another option is to spend the night in a karaoke room, which is even cheaper than staying at manga kissas or capsule hotels; however, they can be noisy and are not suitable for sleeping.

The last option is to simply take a taxi home. Since many workers within Tokyo city live on the outskirts of city center, this can be quite expensive.

Have you ever missed the last train? What did you do?

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