Cultural Transition & Life Coaching

Where easing into life in Japan becomes as comfortable as easing into a hot spring.



Japan Integration & Life Coaching

Where easing into life in Japan becomes as comfortable as easing into a hot spring.



Free Guide: 25 Resources, Organizations & Apps to Transition Your Life to Tokyo

These resources cover everything from communities to fitness to parenting and more!

Free Guide: 21 Cultural Conversation Starters

Use these prompts to help you create relationships with your Japanese colleagues and learn about Japanese work culture in the process!

Free 3-Part Masterclass on Business Culture in Japan

How can you identify when a Japanese person is using indirect or direct communication? What do Japanese people expect of your work performance? How come no one speaks up during meetings?

Come learn the answers to these questions in these quick lessons!

"This is a MUST!"

“Katheryn's invaluable practicality and information makes the transition to this fascinating country and culture less challenging.”

-Jess Valentin
Senior HR Advisor & Coach

"Katheryn's a superstar!"

“I recommend Katheryn to anyone who needs personalized service to help them with any and all aspects of their life in Japan.”

-Christopher Charles
Executive Recruiter

"Helped me tremendously!"

“Working with Katheryn can help many new expats who are blindly navigating their careers and lives in Japan.”

Business Analyst

Hi, I'm Katheryn!

I'm a corporate trainer and private coach who helps international professionals breeze through culture shock, create work-life balance, and develop their professional life in Japan.

My bi-cultural upbringing between Japan & the US, along with my background in wellness coaching make me perfect for helping with:

  • Transition (be it to lifestyle development in Japan, learning cross-cultural business topics for work, or stepping into a new career position), and
  • Well-being & work-life balance (feel a sense of ease, reduce stress, and optimize with a work schedule)

If there's one thing I know for sure from growing up with two very different sets of cultural values and from losing 20kgs through learning both eastern and western perspectives about health, it's this: learning new viewpoints opens up a world of possibilities, and having an opportunity to reflect on them in relation to your goals is essential for growth.  

Work with me

Private Coaching

for professionals

Whether you're worried about accidentally offending people, are developing yourself as a leader, or have a wellness goal you'd like support in achieving, I'm here for you!


Corporate Solutions

Onboard your foreign talent

You've invested a lot to bring them here - let's support their wellbeing and make sure they want to stay. 


"I feel empowered knowing that some of the situations that baffled me before are actually culture-based. It's much easier to solve issues knowing where they come from."

-Magda, Poland

Business Operations Manager