Understand Japanese Work Culture

A private training & coaching program to help you understand and build great relationships with your Japanese colleagues


"Helped me tremendously!"

“I respect Katheryn's cross-cultural perspective as she’s well-versed in Japanese and Western perspectives.”

-Liza, US
Business Analyst

"Exceeded expectations!"

“I feel I’m now better armed to face business situations in Japan.”

Diego Fuerte, Spain
Corporate Development Analyst

"For 1st time expats!"

“My biggest takeaway? There are actually words for Japanese work concepts!”

-Catherine, Canada
International Sales Manager

Here’s what I hear people say:


“I feel like I’m in the dark…like I can see things happening that are different but I don’t really understand why.”

“I’m worried about offending people.”

“My Japanese colleagues won’t say, ‘Hey, you gotta change your approach’. Everyone sits back and lets the train crash happen.”

“I’m not sure if my company will promote me since I’m not Japanese.”

These are all fixable…let’s build your knowledge and confidence!

Here's what you'll become a genius at:

Key values around communication between managers and subordinates

Ever feel like your subordinates need to show more confidence and take ownership?

Deciphering what someone’s saying based on your relationship

Japanese people don’t always speak indirectly. Learn how when and when not to read between the lines.

Identifying what 3 key mannerisms and body language are telling you

Maybe you’ve heard them make odd noises during meetings. Maybe you think they’re gesture is pondering. What does it mean?

Stimulating discussions during meetings

Feel like people don’t say enough during meetings? Do your meetings lack purpose? Find out why and how to approach your next one.

The difference between leadership values and what that means for you

Leaders are proactive, autonomous, and assertive. But are those the key values of a leader in Japan?

Knowing exactly what is expected of you in your role for your next performance review

Want to gain raving feedback at your performance review? You need to know what Japanese people look for.

"This shed so much light!"

“I was curious to know what is truly happening in a typical Japanese work environment and this shed light on that and much much more!” 

-Feral Rizvi, Canada
Scrum Master

"Lot's of 'A-ha!' moments!"

“This helped me gain empathy as I put myself in the shoes of my co- workers & boss and could finally make sense of situations.”

-Liza Chantelle Aono, England
Executive Board Member of We Rotary Club & TV presenter for NHK’s Cool Japan 

"I feel relieved!"

“Hearing common perspectives of foreigners helped me discover that I'm not the only confused person and feel relieved.”

-Vanessa Quintana, US
International Beauty Trainer

Flexible Plans for Busy Professionals


Whether you want to space out your sessions over time on an ad-hoc basis or do the full training in one-go, let’s put something together that works for you!

Option 1: Training Package (Understand your Japanese colleagues)

Option 2: Coaching Package (Take action towards your goals)

Option 3: Training & Coaching Package (Gain knowledge and talk specifically about your goals so you can move forward)

Let’s chat about your background and what’ll work best for you!

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