There's more to life beyond figuring out which one's the soy sauce. 


There's more to life beyond figuring out which one's the soy sauce. 


Worried about offending people?


Not sure what people are really thinking?


Tired of so(ooo) many meetings?


Craving...yearning for feedback?


If you feel like you're dancing on eggshells - but anxious to get your goals met - you're in the right place.

"Helped me tremendously!"

“I respect Katheryn's cross-cultural perspective as she’s well-versed in Japanese and Western perspectives.”

-Liza, US
Business Analyst

"Exceeded expectations!"

“I feel I’m now better armed to face business situations in Japan.”

Diego Fuerte, Spain
Corporate Development Analyst

"For 1st time expats!"

“My biggest takeaway? There are actually words for Japanese work concepts!”

-Catherine, Canada
International Sales Manager

Work with me


VIP Session

Fill in the gaps

This is perfect for you if you have been in Japan for some time and have made observations but need a safe space to ask your burning questions. 

Whether it's a half-day outing to the grocery store or a full-day of workplace culture training, I can customize a plan for you that'll fit your needs - let's have some fun!



Long-term Coaching

Starting from 3 months

This is perfect for you if you're either:

New to Japan and need support through your transition


If you have a specific goal you're looking to achieve and are looking for someone to guide you, support you, and keep you accountable.

Depending on the goal, I'll meet with you weekly or every two weeks for hourly sessions.


What we can cover at a glimpse:

READ people at work...

If you're looking for insights into how your Japanese colleagues are thinking, we can go through a full cross-cultural training program together. 

The content introduces you to 5 cultural dimensions and 9 Japanese cultural concepts that influence their behaviors across multiple scenarios. We discuss how these impact four areas: relationship building, communication, meeting styles, and performance expectations.

The full program can be completed within about a 6-hour VIP day, or built into a long-term coaching program that suits your schedule.

RECLAIM your independence at home...

There's a steep learning curve when it comes to figuring out how to build your day-to-day routine. I like to call it #adulting, where you feel like you're relearning how to do the tasks you were able to do on auto-pilot back in your home country. 

The orientation program covers food, money, transportation, post offices, drug stores, and includes visiting your local grocery store and drug store for a tour of the products. 

The orientation program can be completed in about 8 hours - this works great in two 4-hour sessions, or built into a long-term coaching program.

REALIZE your goals in life...

I have a background in wellness coaching and personal development. My clients have included people who are new to Japan and are looking to get out of their shell and build a life, to people who have been in Japan for decades who want to develop a self-care practice. Let's set your goals and work together to achieve them!

Let’s chat about your background and what’ll work best for you!

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"This shed so much light!"

“I was curious to know what is truly happening in a typical Japanese work environment and this shed light on that and much much more!” 

-Feral Rizvi, Canada
Scrum Master

"Lot's of 'A-ha!' moments!"

“This helped me gain empathy as I put myself in the shoes of my co- workers & boss and could finally make sense of situations.”

-Liza Chantelle Aono, England
Executive Board Member of We Rotary Club & TV presenter for NHK’s Cool Japan 

"I feel relieved!"

“Hearing common perspectives of foreigners helped me discover that I'm not the only confused person and feel relieved.”

-Vanessa Quintana, US
International Beauty Trainer