Trivia: What is "Randoseru"?

Mar 28, 2022


What's a "Randoseru"?

a) a large ashtray used in designated smoking areas

b) an elementary schooler's backpack

c) a word used for "real estate agent" ("Land Seller")

d) a special kind of pantyhose worn by women who are entering the workforce


The answer is...B!

"Randoseru" is a school bag specifically made for students from preschool through elementary school. This type of backpack is very firm and sturdy, as it does not only act as a backpack to store textbooks but also as protection when kids fall on their back.

Randoseru used to come only in black for boys and red for girls but recently, kids can choose from a variety of colors and designs. 

Randoseru can be very expensive, some starting at $500 to thousands of dollars. They are meant to be used for the entire duration of a kid's elementary school years.

Even though it is originally made for elementary school kids, some adults wear it for fashion these days!

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