Trivia: Are Taxis in Japan Trustworthy?

Jun 20, 2022


Are Taxis in Japan Trustworthy?


YES. Generally speaking, taxis in Japan are trustworthy, very clean, and offer great service. There are many cases outside of Japan where people can get nervous around taking a taxi - sometimes you're not sure if the driver is choosing a longer route to make more money off of you, for example. But this isn't really the case in Japan.

Having said that, I have had a couple of situations where I boarded a taxi and the driver was new and not as savvy about the streets - but whenever this has happened and we've taken longer than expected to reach a destination, the driver has deducted fare to reflect the true fee. 

When you board a taxi, the driver will remotely open the door for you, so you do not need to touch the door to open it yourself. This is true for when you get out. Taxi fares start around 400-700yen depending on the region.

It's likely that the driver does not speak English, so make sure to show your destination on a map or show the address on a piece of paper! 

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