Trivia: How do Japanese people celebrate Christmas?

Uncategorized Dec 09, 2019


How do Japanese people celebrate Christmas?

a) They line up to buy buckets of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

b) They buy cookies from department stores and gift them to their friends and coworkers

c) They spend Christmas the same way people do in other countries: with family and exchanging gifts

d) They go out on a date with their significant other


This was a trick question as there are two answers: a) they line up to buy buckets of KFC, and d) they go out on a date with their significant other.

On Christmas Day, Japanese people greet each other by saying “meri kuri” which is a short form for meri-kurisumasu (Merry Christmas). In Japan, Christmas is seen to be a couples’ event, much like Valentine’s Day. Since it’s not a holiday in Japan, most people work on Christmas Day (if it’s a weekday) and then go out on a date after work. Many couples want to make sure they have the most romantic experience, and because of that popular restaurants can be fully booked even a month in advance. Japanese people do not have a culture of spending Christmas with their families; it is usually the last option after significant others and friends.

What’ll you do for Christmas in Japan?

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