Trivia: What is a "chienshoumeisho"?

Uncategorized Jan 20, 2020


What is a chienshoumeisho (遅延証明書), when would you need one, and how much does one cost?


A chienshoumeisho (遅延証明書) is a train delay certificate.

Trains can get delayed all the time, especially during rush hour. It is the general rule to take into account the possibilities of train delays and calculate the time, but even so, long train delays can cause you to be late to work.

Being late to work is a big no in Japan, so if will be late, you will want to make sure you pick up a chienshoumeisho. To obtain one, you will see train officers in uniform near the ticketing gates distributing white train delay slips as you exit the platform. If you do not see a train officer distributing slips, you can likely find a box filled with certificates to take on your way out of the gate. It is pretty easy, and having this delay certificate will prevent you from being marked late at work.

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