Trivia: What is the concept of "ikigai"?

Sep 27, 2021


What is the concept of “ikigai”?


Japanese people live a long life, but does that mean they live a healthy and happy life? “Ikigai” is a very important concept in Japan - especially for the elderly - which translates to having purpose and meaning in life, or a “reason for being”.

Specifically, iki means "life” and gai means “reason”. Self-realization comes when you’ve found the sweet spot between what you love, what the world needs, and what you’re good at (and if you’re an entrepreneur, you can add “what people will pay for” to this mix).

In Japan, people look to increase their sense of “ikigai” by volunteering, building strong connections with family and friends, and improving their skills or hobbies. The key is to create social connections and a sense of belonging!

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