Trivia: Why do Japanese people carry a handkerchief everywhere?

Feb 14, 2022


Why do Japanese people carry a handkerchief everywhere?



Japanese people are ready for the unexpected. They carry tissues, handkerchiefs, and small umbrellas inside their bag at all times. 

One of the rules that Japanese public schools make kids follow is to bring a handkerchief or a small towel every day so that they can wipe their hands after they wash them, or wipe something when they spill something.

You'll notice that many public restrooms in Japan do not offer paper towels nor hand dryers, so it's useful to have something on you to wipe your hands.

It is considered an etiquette, almost like in some cultures where people carry mints in their pockets or a pen just in case. If you forget it, it's a pretty big deal! The habit sticks around having grown up with it.

You can get beautiful handkerchiefs and small hand towels in Japanese department stores - check them out!


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