Trivia: Why do Japanese people dress conservatively, even at the gym?

Jun 21, 2021


Why do Japanese people wear baggy clothes, even at the gym?


Even though Tokyo is one of the fashion capitals of the world, Japan tends to have a conservative approach to fashion. You’ll rarely see women wear spaghetti straps without a cardigan covering their shoulders, and you’ll often see people in baggy clothing at the gym.

I think for me, the most unusual combination of clothing I’ve seen is where women wear running shorts over leggings. In the West, women tend to either wear shorts or leggings, but not both at the same time.

In general, Japanese people do not like to show much skin, and they do not like to show off their bodies by wearing form-fitted clothing or tight clothes. Being confident about your body is often seen as something negative.

However, things are changing. Influenced by Western culture, young people are starting to dress more freely. You will actually see people wearing tight clothes when working out!

What’s your cultural attitude towards fashion?

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