Trivia: Can you identify this object?

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2020


What is this object? Where do you typically see one? How do you use it?


This object is an umbrella wiper. You’ll typically see them at entrances to office buildings and some department stores. After you have closed your wet umbrella, you can shake and wipe off the excess water by sliding the umbrella through this umbrella wiper.

Japan is known to be very clean, and it’s important to keep inside the store clean as well. After getting the water off, take one of the plastic umbrella bags at storefronts to cover your umbrella so that it won’t damage any items in the store. This is very particular to Japan and might have to do with the culture of disliking to get things wet by the rain. A lot of people would have a portable umbrella in their bags all the time just in case it rains!

How’d you do?

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