Trivia: Why do Japanese people wear masks even when they are not sick?

Jun 22, 2020


Why do Japanese people wear masks, even if they are not sick?


Some Japanese people wear masks all year round, even if they are not sick. There are a couple reasons for this:

Many people wear masks in public as a preventative measure from getting sick. In Japan, a lot of people still go to work even when they are sick, so it’s important to wear a mask to avoid catching a cold, especially on a train or at an office.

Some people, women especially, wear masks to cover their faces when they don’t have on any makeup or are not feeling confident about the way they look. This is common especially amongst students and young working professionals.

As wearing masks is so common in everyday life for Japanese people, brands have come up with different types and styles of masks to match everyone’s needs!

If you are sick, make sure you follow proper etiquette and wear a mask when you are in public to prevent spreading your germs. You can purchase a face mask at convenience stores or drug stores.

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