Trivia: How do teenagers and young adults date in Japan?

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2020


How do teenagers and young adults date in Japan?


There are a couple of dating rules in Japan. When you have feelings for someone, you have to “kokuhaku”, which means to “confess your love”.

Usually, the male in the relationship has to kokuhaku and ask the female to formally be in a relationship. If the girl says yes, the next step is to plan “kinenbi”, which is to create and celebrate anniversaries.

Some couples choose to celebrate every month, especially teenagers and couples in their early 20s.

Dating apps are used to meet people, Japanese people tend to use them for more casual relationships, similar to Western cultures.

If you want to see how young people date in Japan, the Netflix show Terrace House portrays the dating scene very well, so check it out!

What’s the dating protocol in your culture?

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