Trivia: What is a "shindansho"?

Feb 17, 2020


What is a shindansho (診断書), when would you need one, and how much does one cost?


A shindansho (診断書) is a “medical certificate” (doctor’s note). In Japan, you will need a shindansho to get a day off from work due to illnesses. Even if you don’t feel like you need to get checked, you will need the slip to prove that you are sick.

To obtain one, ask your doctor to provide you a shindansho and they will write you a slip to take with you after your check up. Shindansho typically costs around 3000 yen, though it could cost anywhere from 2000-6000 yen depending on the certificate.

You might find the cost to be surprising because one of these certificates can cost more than the medical check up and medication, combined. But it’s important to Japanese companies to have this proof of illness to confirm your sick day.

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