Trivia: What are some popular sakura-flavored treats?

Mar 29, 2021


What are some popular sakura-flavored treats?


Japanese people love spring, especially seeing sakura (cherry blossoms) which symbolize a new beginning.

Around March after Valentine’s Day, companies will start making sakura flavored snacks and drinks. Starbucks comes up with a sakura-themed drink every year, and when you go to a convenience store you will see all kinds of sakura flavored chocolates and cookies like KitKat and Pocky. If you go to a cafe, they will even have unique dishes like sakura pancakes and sakura lattes as a seasonal dessert!

The most famous sakura flavored sweet in Japan is called sakura mochi. Mochi (pounded rice) is wrapped with salted sakura leaf, and is a Spring delicacy to welcome the new season.

While all of these sweets and drinks look Instagram-ready as they’re very cute and pink, they have a subtle flavor. The enjoyable parts are the color and the smell, and taste-wise, you will get a hint of cherry and a lot of sweetness.

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