Trivia: What is a Coin Locker?

Jan 17, 2022


What is a Coin Locker?


In Japan, you can rent lockers!

They come in small to large sizes from around 100 yen to 800 yen. Since it is usually located near train stations, many people use them to store their shopping bags or suitcases while shopping or traveling.

You'll also find them in exhibition venues, museums, select gyms and bath houses, and more!

The reason why we call them "coin lockers" is because for many years, people would pay for locker access by using 100 yen coins. Depending on the locker, you might only have to insert a 100 yen coin as a deposit and you can receive your coin back after use.

Nowadays, many lockers allow you to pay via your Suica or Pasmo commuter pass. If you don't have change for a locker that requires change, no worries! Most locker areas have a machine where you can get change.

Most of the coin lockers will charge you again if you keep the items in for another day, so make sure to check how much you are being charged in advance.

Please do not store anything that could potentially damage the lockers. Also, it is not a good idea to store raw foods that need refrigeration as it can start to smell!

Have you used coin lockers before?

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