Trivia: Women's Work Attire Do's and Don'ts in Japan

Oct 12, 2020


Which style is inappropriate to wear in traditional Japanese companies for women?

a) Leggings

b) Dresses and skirts that show your body line

c) Tank tops


The answer is….all of the above!

Dress code of course applies to the company and industry you’re working in, but in any case, there are general rules of thumb to follow to avoid questionable attire.

Here are some dos and don’ts:

Do wear stockings when wearing a skirt to cover bare skin

Don’t wear anything tightly form-fitted that shows your body line

Don’t wear tops that show too much skin, like tank tops or blouses with deep cuts

Do wear neutral colors, like white, black, grey, and beige.

Do pair a sleeveless blouse with a cardigan.

Do check if you need to wear nail polish and what colors are acceptable

Do check if you need to wear heels

The dress code in Japan is very strict and specific, so don’t forget to check with your supervisor before you start working!

What’s the dress code in your workplace?

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