Trivia: What is the difference between a “point card” and “stamp card”?

Oct 14, 2019


What is the difference between a point card and a stamp card?


A point is a card where you can rack up points for purchases at convenience stores and partner venues. You can redeem your points to get discounts on goods. In most cases, 1 yen is equal to 1 point.

A stamp card is a card unique to that particular shop. Each time you make a purchase, they stamp your card. Once you have reached a certain amount of stamps, you can receive a benefit such as a free product/service or a discount.

You’ll see stamp cards at a lot of different kinds of businesses, from food vendors to massage parlors and more.

This can be a confusing topic because sometimes shop workers use the words “point card” and “stamp card” interchangeably.

Which ones should you carry?

Personally, I don’t carry point cards because I find that the benefits of 1 point per 1 yen of purchase isn’t enough to make the system worth my while. Whenever I go to a conveniences store, I’m only buying a drink or snack for less than a couple hundred yen, so it takes a long time to rack up points.

I do like stamp cards, though. I find it overwhelming to collect them from all venues where I shop. So, I only hold onto a few from the places I know that I go to all the time where it will be worth having the card.

Is there a restaurant you like to go to regularly on workdays? Is there a particular store that sells a brand of shampoo you love that offers you discounts or gifts for buying from their store? Start with your routine and the answer will reveal itself to you.

How many cards do you have in your wallet?

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